Sunday, October 18, 2015

New Weird Australia – Vox (2011)

/Avant-garde, Experimentalism, Noise, Electro-acoustic, Drone, Ambient, Minimalism/

Comment: by listening to this17-track issue on can admit “New Weird” does not mean “folk music” at all in some cases. This time the listener can enjoy vowel based experiments from Australia. You can be sure it is as mystical as crooked folk music used to be. More profoundly, the issue is imbued with minimally designed digital drones, spaced-out echoes, buried noises, metallic reverberations and of course, with looped vocals and few words as instruments. I guess this miscellany would be a sweet cake for those protagonists who like such artists as Iris Garrelfs, Maja Ratkje, Jaap Blonk, Michael Schiefel, Roomet Jakapi. However, there are represented such artists as Juarez, Ronnu Panda, Scissor Lock, Furchick, Rabbit Island, Sky Needle, Mosaic Mosaic, Alice Hui-Cheng, Major Napier, Donna Hewitt, Kucka, Holy Balm, Mimic Bass, Kusum Normoyle, Paul Heslin, Amanda Stewart, The Deadly Nightshades. These compositions are well-crafted ones though I suspect for most of these artists such a sort of concept has not been the most substantial one. In a word, New Weird Compilations used to always surprise with truly cutting-edge approach and touch. It is a great series of music gathered together across the Green Continent. Life is noise is art. Something like that.  
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