Background Radiation - Uniform Static (2013)


/Indietronica, Folktronica, IDM, Indie soul, Alternative pop, Electronic pop, Experimental indie/

Comment: behind the collaborative act Background Radiation are Ludo Maas, and Tim Dwyer whose 12- track issue Uniform Static has much to provide to the listener. More generally, it is indie and folk-induced pop music imbued with crispy electronic/IDM rhythms, however, having enough hints at other aspects as well. For instance, the more you listen to it the more it seems like a wondrous instance of soul pop filled in with dreamy reverberations of vocal lining and lengthy organ chords thereby conjuring up soothingly epic moments. Indeed, there are up such outstanding compositions as the self-titled track, Tomorrows, Stars Or Jets, Controls, Misery Missouri. It is time to discover for yourself and enjoy one of the most pronounced alternative pop/indie albums in the year of 2013 so far.