Sunday, June 14, 2015

Tallinn Daggers - Fresco LOVER012 (2011)

/Electronic pop, Alternative dance, Breaks, Chill out, Remix, Electro-indie, Mood music/

Comment: Tallinn Daggers is a combo from Tallinn, Estonia headed up by Ardo Kivi. Fresco comes out from a time when TD´s music was to be less rock/post-punk and more electronic, beat and synth-oriented. The single is saturated with interesting sonic effects, and indie dance/baggy rhythms with vocoder-induced vocal lines (sung in English and Estonian). However, Paul Oja`s Nightmare Before Christmas Remix draws on more low-slung rhythms and providing a more tranquil, actually chill out sensibility. Several Symptoms Antidote Mix is set up in the way to have impact upon the listener with respect to the elegant shuffle of beats. By the way, recently they issued a new album, called Suburban Decay (available at Bandcamp, for instance).      
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