Sunday, June 14, 2015

Zaivx - Extruder Vol.1 (2014)

/Chiptune, Chipbreak, Primitive music, 8-bit, Tracker music, Bitpop/

Comment: it is dance music with vintage attitude and format and on the other side it is a sort of moody music because drawing on catchy melody cascades. Actually I have no idea why such sort of music is sympathetic to me – actually it is childish and primitive; it represents the era when the PC music yet started to develop. It might be there is up the contrasts between the aforementioned aspects – between the format and bouncy melodies which will seamlessly fuse into each other. On the other side, another reason is obviously related to our childhood and our fondnedd for Nintendo and cartridge games. Furthermore, this album can be a soundtrack to a superficial yet ideal world of low-resolution bits and pixels. The album is issued on Lowtoy, the Barcelona, Catalonia-based imprint. 
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