Sunday, June 7, 2015

Ssaliva – All Downhill From Here (2012)

/Ambient, Chillwave, Mood music, Space music, New Age, Downtempo, Soundscape, Kosmische Musik/

Comment: the Belgian producer Ssaliva`s 13-track album involves blissful sketches at an average length of approximately 2 minutes. By genre it can be classified as ambient music with hints at chillwave, Kosmische Musik, New Age, and downtempo music. More profoundly, those otherworldly longing synthesised layers atop used to flicker and blossom in different directions being at times accompanied by bold rhythms, at times just bare repeated clicks and cuts, at times mettlesome synth-induced explorations. Although these compositions are simple by their nature the emotional content oozing from it is frequently thrilling. In a word, let`s listen to it.   
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