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Golgotha Communications Ltd. - Helen McPhee (Galgen 2B) (2012)

/Experimentalism, Lobit, Musique concréte, Non-music, Acousmatic music, Post-industrial, Avant-garde, Microtonal, Minimalism, Microsound, Abstract/

Comment: Golgotha Communications Ltd. is a combo from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA who emerged within the webaudio world at the end of 00s. Since then on, they have issued a heap of issues under different imprints. Stylistically the project`s music explores the behaviour of sounds in the compartment of post-industrial music. This issue consists of two compositions one of them is 16-minute long, another 4-minute long. It starts off from nowhere to progress into looped exhausted vocal samples and hazy frequencies around it emerging like a lobit example. Later on, a little will be changing throughout the course. A Night`s Rest is the turning point because some street sounds are organically added to the mix thereby establishing a more haunting ambiance around your cerebral focuses. The outing is a part of the discography of French electronic musician Arnaud Barbe (aka Pollux) led record label Sirona-Records.