Sunday, May 24, 2015

Dzlav - Toy Machines And Scavenged Melodies (2009)

/Experimental electronica, Electro pop, Techno pop, Glitchtronica, Leftfield/

Comment: it is great honour and pleasure to be back again at the discography of Just not Normal, a record label whose intention was to issue pawky experimental music. Dzlav`s 8-track issue sounds exactly in this way – although the uniform of it is made up of sly glitch-y electronic bits its content is quite pop-appealing almost chiming like an instance of dance pop music. In truth it is cutting-edge dance music (at times more electro, at times more techno oriented). The result is fabulous because of showing to us that music consisting of chopped-up chords could emerge in simple or partly pop-oriented way. Actually it is a way of art to cross such different attitudinal elements together seamlessly. Must hear. 
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