Sunday, May 24, 2015

Kane West – Western Beats (2014)

/Hip-hop, Electro, Game music, Urban music, Breaks, Nu disco, Rap/

Comment: Kane West is a hip-hop musician from London, Great Britain being a part of PC Music. The artist`s 7-track issue is a quite one dimensional issue based mostly on game music induced incisive rhythms which sounds in a quite primitive way. Of course, it does not mean at all the release is somehow inferior or simplistic. Vice versa, those sampled and surprisingly bursting sounds here and there are a part of danceable sequencing replete with electro and nowadays disco rhythms. In short, effect loaded sounds are tightly interwoven with solid programming and spiky rhythms and low bass undercurrents and soulful female singing and some harsher shrieks in the meantime. Enjoyable outing indeed.        
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