Saturday, April 4, 2015

Matt Pond PA - The Freeep (2008)

/Indie folk, Americana, Folk indie, Alt-folk, Indie rock/

Comment: Matt Pond PA is a collective from New York (with the Philly origin, though), USA who have been active since 1998 and related to such well-known labels as BMG, and Polyvinyl. Alongside with Wilco, Band Of Horses, Bon Iver, Iron & Wine, Van Dyke Parks they are prominent representatives indie rock/folk music being obviously influenced by the US traditional (roots) music (country, bluegrass, folk). This EP of 9 tracks sounds quite traditionally having few experimentation courses within the whole. However, in spite of it the issue used to chirp in an organic, unconstrained way. Actually all the melodic and harmonic elements which are needed to constitute decent pop songs are represented over there. #3 could be considered as the experimental track on it due to progressions within the ambient/space music and minimal music narrative playing with chord delays and suggestive repetitions. Eventually it can be said the album contains solid songs from the starting point to the end. Recommended.            
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