Saturday, April 4, 2015

Non Dolet - Nameless Lake (2014)

/Modern classical, Toytronica, Alternative, Post-rock, Mood music/

Comment: Non Dolet is a musician from Russia whose sophomore album ( the follow-up to I Hold The Sun 2013) used to converge at a crossroad of naive yet cute toytronic progressions, more thoughtful modern classical insights and even a light-hearted version of post-rock explorations. On the other side, despite the album`s simplicity the tonality within it seems to be thoroughly doleful as if there were an object hidden somewhere while she is yearning for it so much. If there will be a lake just discovered it would be dubbed as "Dolet". By kindred sould there can be drawn comparisons with the likes of Lullatone, Possimiste, Oskar Schuster, for instance.       
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