Saturday, April 4, 2015

Joxfield ProjeX - Archives EP5 Dark Pitch (2013)

/Psychedelic, Experimental rock, Electronic, Big beat, Progressive rock, Krautrock, Avant-fusion, Alternative dance, Avant-rock, Leftfield, Avant-prog/

Comment: Joxfield ProjeX is a duo from Sweden whose members Oax, and Yan started to make music already in the 60s. They gained some popularity at the end of 00s and in the beginning of 10s while releasing a handful of albums under Clinical Archive, the most popular record label at Furthermore, some of these albums were assisted by such progressive rock music legends as Pat Mastoletto, and Geoff Leigh and electronic musician Kenji Siratori. I am very glad they are still very prolific because Dark Pitch is a part of the EP series. It involves 4 tracks depicting the duo`s keenness to craftily master distortion-heavy, wah effect-induced guitar rides with bold, motorik big beat rhythms. Despite its towering propulsive nature the EP sounds almost like a static one due to the repetition of motives and phrases. The result is a dance-appealed avant-garde fusion with nods toward psychedelic world. There can be drawn comparisons with the 70s in Germany and the end of 80s and beginning of 90s in Manchester (and with some groups outside it like Flowered Up, The Telescopes, and The Wordsmiths, for instance). In a word, it is a modern yet natural, highly energized rock propulsion. It is without being fake, it is without being hammy. Joxfield ProjeX is still one of the most outstanding combos worldwide.     
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