Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Asian Women On The Telephone - You Have Reached Your Destination (2014)

/Avant-rock, Improvised music, Leftfield, No Wave, Experimental rock, Free jazz, Electronic, Krautrock, Acid rock, Dada music, Spoken word, Psychedelic/

Comment: by listening to this overwhelming and deranged Russian avant-garde combo´s album you can perceive disparate impact areas – from psychedelic acid rock propulsions, free jazz induced solos to more destructive Dadaist aesthetics. Indeed, the whole chimes organically, as if the sonic whirlpool with many twists and threads. The listener can partake in obsessive yet amusing chants (in Russian) declared in front of the washes of incessantly flooding sonic torrents. Similarly to Faust, it involves an innumerable amount of unexpected turns in styles and moody excursions. I don´t know is it induced by knee-deep despair or is it just a fit of sarcastic laugh or cold-blooded manipulation with your mental health. Never mind. Astonishing work by any means. If you like the music by Ne Zhdali, Zvuki Mu, CAN`s Tago Mago, The Fall (especially the album Perverted By Language), Faust, Suicide, Borbetomagus, Maja Ratkje it is thought for you.     
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