Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Aires & Rui. P. Andrade - Pânico-Ambiente (2015)

/Noise, Ambient, Experimentalism, Drone, Improvised noise, Leftfield, Avant-garde, Ambient noise, Power electronics, Minimalism/

Comment: there is an evergreen question with regard to noise music – which kind of noise music is a good one? I guess this 2-notch issue is a decent one because these intense impulses are counterbalanced with more sublime textures. More concretely, harsh noise chords are interwoven with ambient templates and sonic effects/undulations though the former one is the predominant one. However, those sonic effects are configured in the way to conjure up tectonic outbursts and overthrows both in your mind and in the real soundscape. The Portugal-dwelling artists used to exploit the concepts of the wall of sound created by Phil Spector and full-spectrum-wide sonic coverage by Glenn Branca. Top notch. 
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