Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Foxes In Fiction – Ontario Gothic (2014)

/Dream pop, Alternative pop, Electronic, Avant-pop, Ambient pop, Experimental indie/

Comment: Warren Hildebrand aka Foxes In Fiction is a Canadian musician who have been living in New York for some years. I can remember for my first acquaintance with his music 3-4 years ago. Indeed, my then impression was truly unforgettable. The same can be said about this 7-track album – still it is an organic drift between hyper-realistic ambient music and indie attitude filled with indescribable magic and spellbinding glamour. It is very believable that that pure beauty laid out over here is born through tears and grief due to the death of his young brother and Caitlin Amanda Morris whom the album is dedicated. He is assisted by such musicians as Owen Pallett, Ansel Cohen, Beau Sorensen, Rachel Levy, Caroline White, and Sam Ray. Undoubtedly it was one of the best albums in 2014.  
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