Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Mihidea - Sites (2013)

/Experimental, Drone, Microscopic, Electro-acoustic, Ambient drone, Experimental electronica, Dark ambient, Dystopbient/

Comment: if to explore the track titles of the issue you can see the artist is obviously activated by pessimism and failure of human activity. Eroded Homeland, Displaced Technology, and Buried Desires are all lengthy progressions in sound due to microtonal shades and veiled shards. The soundscape used to sway between ominous dark ambient/illbient currents and austere electro-acoustic bits as if communicating impending doom or catastrophe to the listener. Or is it just the wind coming out of uncharted areas into your room loaded with dreary messages and awful murmurs? Anyway, it just one example – there is also up a more lucid, signal-alike droning component with phase shifting and microscopic electronic ornaments and sonic effects on the top. Ultimately the issue offers up a nice listening time with underlying density.     
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