Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Scouts of Uzbekistan ‎– The Scouts of Uzbekistan EP (2011)

/Avant-garde, Leftfield, Experimentalism, Space music, Neofolk, Avant-rock, Spoken word, Psychedelic rock/

Comment: one is very sure – it is not a pop release at all though there can be some restrained moments juxtaposed against more hirsute and noisy bursts. More profoundly, this 4-track uncanny issue involves stylistically different sections extending from avant-rock and noise rock torrents to dreamy (neo)folk and hypnagogic spoken word centred insights. It might be easily these sounds come out of heads of the personnel of a space lab drifting along millions of miles away from the Earth. It is deep, it is charming, it is spaced-out, it is… . In spite of incisive sonic approach the listener can feel somewhat tongue-in-cheek feeling in these compositions (for instance, using the bluegrass based nexus in one composition). One of the songs used to depict the hell on its own. Eventually Mark Carolan and Nick d’Uzbekistan produced issue proves very expressively it is much more worth than most pop albums available right now around you. In a word, the gem and their record label Year Zero`s discography is fairly precise to be discovered right now. By kindred souls the can be drawn parallels upon the likes of The Hirundu, The Residents, Art Abscon(s), Death In June, for instance.                     
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