Thursday, November 20, 2014

Period Three – Morose Beach (2014)

/Noise, Experimental electronica, Abstract, Glitchtronica, Experimentalism, Avant-garde/

Comment: the Canadian David Turgeon`s 9-track issue moves along the pathway of freely improvised music which is spiced up with more or less brutal (brown) noise incisions, microscopic glitch-y sonic spots, muffled incantations, orchestrated tendencies and…actually much more. At times his soundscape turns into fairly austere, even abstract minimalism, at times he stands up to go walking across wide-ranging plateaus and gliding over dimensional plateaus. The album hides many layers of depth which can be discovered after many listening times. The issue is released under a legendary Canadian label, No Type. In a word, all the aforementioned elements do hint at it this is a fine instance of Quebec province based experimental music scene (GYBE!, Martin Tetreault, Simon Trottier, Nicholas Bernier, Fly Pan Am, Tim Hecker, Muhr etc).      
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