Thursday, November 20, 2014

fuyuru0 – Anemone (2012)

/Modern classical, IDM, Glitchtronica, Noise, Experimental electronica, Remix/

Comment: fuyuru0`s 9-track issue is a mix of glitch noises and electronic progressions which are frequently accompanied with classical music glimpses and mildly intense sonic effects. More concretely, there are up lots of weird pitched sonic bits, microtonal rhythms, delicate noise scattering and uncanny vowel undertakings swaying through high and low frequency filters here and there. It does not mean at all these elements are somehow raspy and painful to the ear. These compositions used to be emotive and sensitive due to its contrasty sides at its core. Icicle is an outstanding track due to sublime microscopic rhythms and atmospheric explorations which also does have Daphis remix for its own sake. Nice listening by any means.      
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