Saturday, September 27, 2014

Wood Spider – Decadence (2014)

/Freak folk, Weird folk, New Weird America, Indie folk, Psych-folk, Balkan folk, World music/

Comment: it is problematic if not impossible to punctually categorise Decadence because of being immersed in providing a shitloads of hints, reflections and tendencies. The NY residing Wood Spider`s music can be classified into the New Weird America pigeonhole, however, the sextet`s music used to be a little bit deviated considering an average example from the movement. The main element to make difference on it is a fervent accordion amongst the other instruments thereby adding Parisian street sounds and Balkan folk facets to their soundscape. Additionally, dizzy gipsy-alike singing keeps another interstice within it. However, the aforementioned elements are channelized in their own context and presented in a twisted, burlesque mood. Although their aesthetics chimes mundanely it seems to be far more than just the capacity of their premises. Indeed, their approach is too artsy just to be a mere pub folk group. Fairly sympathetic are melancholic accordion-based drones meanwhile counterbalancing a carnival-alike ambience. At such moments Wood Spider`s chamber aesthetics come quite close to the likes of Beirut, Bark Cat Bark and The Retuses, for instance. Overall, imagine as if Animal Collective performing at a poppy Balkan music festival. It might be readily the band is laughing at it all. Let`s live up to it!              

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