Saturday, September 27, 2014

Vortex Rex – Live At OCCII (2012)

/Psychedelia, Alternative rock, Post-punk, Live session, Indie rock, Experimental pop/

Comment: this handful of pieces is an episode from the club night at Le Club Suburbia in Amsterdam in 11th of March, 2008. In addition to Vortex Rex the night was filled with the likes of Adolf Butler, and Japanther (at least the event was conveyed on the bill in this way). The Vienna, Austrian trio`s gig was furnished with vast energy-loaded guitars, prominent acid-drenched keyboards and some flickering electronics filling the background role for the singer`s manifesting singing reminiscent a little bit Mark E Smith`s hacking appearance. On the other side, it does not mean that Vortex Rex is a copy of The Fall (Vortex Rex is more spaced-out, more acute through their  convulsive dodges and propulsions). The gig scenario was based on intense chord changes varied with more laid-back extensions in time, however, concretely depending on the tracks. In a word, it was interesting first meeting with this combo.
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