Saturday, September 27, 2014

Simone Schirru / Federico Eterno - Around Three Minutes Long Short-movie Songs (2013)

/Free jazz, Cool jazz, Modal jazz, Film noir, Improvised noise, Experimentalism, Improvised music/

Comment: this collaboration by two musicians of Italian heritage is all about an exquisite experience of sloshing through jazz-y swamps. Indeed, the 30-minute session issued under the wing of Moscow-based experimental records Clinical Archives used to show up Shirru and Eterno`s continuous skilfulness to drift between scant instrumentation and jaunty improvisation-filled snippets, still life-esque cool jazz and more tumultuous modal jazz and  free jazz propulsion forces (especially demonstrated in a series of Videomenata). Furthermore, even curious approach to (improvised) noise music is presented there now and then. Of course, as the title suggest the listener cannot underestimate the importance of recent concept – more concretely, it is film noir-esque and sneaky rather than joyous and superficially diverting by its nature.
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