Thursday, September 25, 2014

He Is Watching Over Us - In Defence Of Disgusting Animals (2007)

/Indie folk, Folktronica, Lo-fi, Post-rock, Epic, Art folk, New Weird Sweden/

Comment: He Is Watching Over Us is the Swedish duo of Erik Gröndahl, and Johan Mattson whose 8-track instrumental issue is a calmed down, even picturesque moving with the assistance of predominantly restrained arpeggios and organically successive chords enchanted from acoustic and electric guitars which are varicoloured with droning organs and diffuse electronic explorations, and some anthemic orchestrated panoramas on the top. Stylistically the whole has been managed in a way to meander between post-rock-ish ambition, folktronic crispiness, and lo-fi-esque cosiness. The collective`s melancholic nature is very appropriate for listening to it recently, as the summer has passed by and the autumn just began. Least but not last - there is no disgusting animals, though, animals need to be protected more with strenuous activity.                

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