Thursday, September 25, 2014

Data Snow – Phases (2014)

/Dark ambient, Abstract, Dystopbient, Sound art, Epic, Illbient, Soundscapes, Minimalism, Microtonal, Avant-garde, Experimentalism, Post-industrial/

Comment: although Data Snow`s 8-piece issue is formally starkly bleak and austere its emotional impression renders into something remarkably significant and striking. The project`s thoroughly experimental approach emerges through minimally composed music predominantly providing hints at classical music, ambient soundscapes, and minimal music. Indeed, some sonic details are barely within earshot and the narrative used to meander without blasts or crackles. However, all the aforementioned stylistic firmaments are contaminated with evil-sounding stances and visages. Instead of outer space it is rather music composed for the visualization of abandoned junkyards and nuclear test territories foreboding an impending catastrophe coming out of there. Ironically, it is fairly beatific and arching composition at its core. Less is more...imaginative.          
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