Saturday, September 13, 2014

Asalto al Parque Zoológico – Sonnen (2014)

  • Shoegaze
  • Dream pop
  • Alternative rock
  • Noise rock

Comment: to listen to this couple of tracks incessantly from one hour to another it is a very ecstatic, even purgative listening experience. If to draw parallels to another South American combo, This Lonely Crowd`s album An Endless Moment Everyday All The Time (2010, Sinewave) sounded blatantly close to Smashing Pumpkins. In parallel, The Buenos Aires-based combo can sound even more into the hard core of My Bloody Valentine than the legendary shoegaze pioneers themselves wanted to do it (you obviously understand what I mean). Indeed, those exuberant layers of dream-drenched noise cascades do not give you a hoot wrapping the subject up into a hazy, velvety sonic Shangri-la where she/he loses a sense of gravity. AAPZ`s concept may be considered partially as a noise rock example either but it is remarkably more dulcet and sexy than most of pop acts to put together.        
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