Saturday, September 13, 2014

Guerrinha - De Rosinha Falsificado Para Feirinhas Cinzentas (Os Pequenos Tijolos Da House Music) (2012)

  • Big beat
  • Club dance
  • Techno
  • Alternative dance

Comment: If you guess 12 minutes might be way too long to produce one dance-tinged track than you go definitely wrong regarding the recent issue. More profoundly, Guerrinha`s 2-track outlet is a beast of corkscrewing techno and viable big beat mixed rhythms varicoloured with some vowel samples and key chords to result in a highly spellbinding and hypnotic grower. These simultaneously brisk and hesychastic cadences penchant for serotonin-releasing key changes remind me a little bit of Italo disco vibes either. Sometimes it is assumed dance music is somewhat superficial and cursory kind of music, however, if it is relaxing and psychedelic does it mean that it is somehow more draffy or rubbish in comparison with Pink Floyd or Spacemen 3, for instance? It sounds almost like a club version of There Is A Light That Never Goes Out. Listen to it and you will adore it.
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