Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Sraczka Dziwaczka - Sraczka Dziwaczka (2014)

  • Post-dubstep
  • Psychedelic electronica
  • Electro-indie
  • Alternative dance
  • Breakbeat
Commentthis album is a sort of art music whimsy where (post-)dubstep and other styled glowering breaks are cahoots with post-rock/punk, jazz and indie electronic fringes. Some instances for you- at Mutant Małpy the listener can feel breakbeat rhythms intensely blended with slightly psychedelic reed organ drones; at Zicke!, and Fahròu dub-styled reverberations and sparsely used but hypnotic vocal samples are interlaced with post-punk/rock leaned bass thudding; Maryjuana provides a bouncy, good-time electro-dance feel; deploys dreadful, broken electro ruins to develop them into a convincing result. However, in the meanwhile these elements are mixed up with a funny, humour loaded attitude. Great.
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