Tuesday, August 19, 2014

SOL - And The Mouth Of Time Is Open (2013)

  • Doom metal
  • Drone metal
  • Ambient
  • Sludge metal
  • Post-metal
  • Avant-metal
  • Trance metal
  • Screamo
  • Epic
  • Experimental metal
Commentthis 47-minute release is filled with heavy, actually banging drumming, apocalyptic cathedral-coated organs which are accentuated with deeply desperate, sludgy vocal lines hovering atop. At times the collective`s sound renders into a wry, trancelike psychedelic realm or ambient-near still life (particularly at This Realm Is Free And Remains Eternal). It is meta-metal, isn`t? The concept is arrantly epic and apocalyptic – regarding SOL`s music, titles, and - of course - result. If you are born to be a music fan being keen to new sonic challenges or just adore thrilling nouveau metal eposes then this 5-track colossus is very exactly thought for you. It is issued under an experimental metal label, Drowning.cc.
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