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Inverness Somewhere I Can Hear My Heart Beating (Psicotropicodelia/Jamendo)

The southern side of the American continent is and has been full of great artists, and Inverness is undoubtedly one of the best entries I am being honoured to listening to.

Four friends from Sao Paulo are there to push their idiosyncratic conception forward - Lucas de Almeida (voice, guitar, sampler), Marcio Barcha (drums), Mateus Perito (voice, guitar, sampler), and Flávio Fraschetti (bass) are joined together to create the experimental rock band Inverness. The name comes from a dream, a successive theme in the group's work.

However, four organic instruments (voice, guitars, bass, drums) plus samplers do constitute up a very reminiscent instrumental array of My Bloody Valentine, though, their intention is inclined to be going in a bit different directions. Besides lush noise outbursts, strumming beauty of guitars and fabulous cinematic orchestrations you can hear shitloads of different influences via intense sampling synthesis - from hazy sunshine pop and doo wop-infused easy listening and techno vibes to psychedelia and sub-ethnic music numbers (involving in new age-y flute passages and weird vocal manners). If you are not satisfied yet searching for some solid ground, to find out some examples, I maintain you to make some steps toward The Avalanches, and The Guillemots as well. 10 tracks full of fucking greatness indeed, being one of the best killers of the 2010 so far. Obrigado, lads!

Listen to it here