Sunday, July 23, 2017

Moses Luster – The Pre-Apocalypse Years (2011-2015) (2017)

  • Singer-songwriter 
  • Art pop 
  • Film noir 
  • Alternative pop

Comment: it can be said without reservations the LA-based artist Moses Luster is on a full sway on this 15-track outing even though these tracks as residual ones did not appear on his previous issues. In fact, all the Moses Luster's albums released so far are being on full sway. He is being an artist who has made up dirty locals and murky human characteristics so elegantly irresistible through his expressive singing and tough man attitude. Indeed, you can perceive his ambition to change other persons' lifes (I'm the Lion). Sorrow and desperation are his arms to convey hope rather than a burden from every day's life to kill you slowly and painfully. He conveys hope through sorrow, blood, sweat being immersed in tight cigarette smoke and whiskey smell. Some filthy secrets add an extra flavour to the whole. And if you don't like it yet you are going to love it. But not only these facets are represented over there. Shadows Of A Past To talks about the relativity of time, in fact about the question of whether does time exist or not. But some things are not going to change ever, for example the whiskey and the need for it. At times it chimes kinda modern Gospel music (at The Past Is No Place For A Man, for instance). His compelling baritone is backed up by soaring orchestrated sounds, synthetic chords, lonely piano keys wherefrom cinematic swallows emerge to draw epic lines in front of the horizon. Top tier.
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