Saturday, April 1, 2017

Mjatnaya Lovushka – Mjatnaya Lovushka (2015)

  • Space pop 
  • Lo-fi 
  • DIY 
  • Alternative 
  • Indie 
  • Electronic 
  • Post-punk 
  • Psychedelic 
  • Avant-pop 
  • Minimal synth

Comment: by listening to this 11-notch outing it reminds me of those times when I was listening to Devendra Banhart (it probably happened in the second half of 2003), and Ariel Pink (it was probably up in the beginning of 2005). It does not mean that Mjatnaya Lovushka, and Ariel Pink are stylistically very similar but it is all about do-it-yourself attitude, about home recording, about self-esteem to create something special and distinguishing (even if it is partly rehashed and borrowed from obscure, forgotten traditions of the underground music scene. In fact, we have no chance to exceed previously established cultural layers beneath and around us). The whole starts off at Melting Light Among Leaves with a soaring riff-o-rama being accompanied by clumsy stomping beats at the bottom and dreamy synthesisers and singing atop. While I was producing the sound of Autharktos I sometimes liked to exploit one of such a prepared rhythm on my synthesiser Casio Tonebank Sa-1 with intent to slightly modulate and change its initial pace. Later tracks, however, will reveal the artist`s more introverted nature even he likes to use hirsute guitar sounds and employ minimal and monotonous yet predominant post-punk/and minimal synth tinged drumming. It is because the Kosmische Musik/cosmic synth induced aspect is strongly presented within it. His soundscape is sometimes wrapped up in enchanting hisses to provide an additional value to the soundscape. You can find out many gems from within it (Komari, Melting Light Among Leaves, Drawings, Pink Flakes, Poison In Your Bag) but the whole is devoid of fillers and weak compositions. This spellbinding issue is a bit in the discography of Cologne, Germany-based imprint
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