Sunday, October 9, 2016

Cousin Silas – Observations From Earth And Beyond (2015)

  • Ambient 
  • Space music 
  • Modern classical 
  • Post-classical 
  • Kosmische Musik
  • Soundscapes 
  • Abstract 
  • Art music

Comment: Cousin Silas is an experienced artist from the UK who has issued a bunch of innumerable albums over many decades. This is his appearance at The CerebralRift, an exciting imprint and free music platform. As usual as it used to be the artist excels at creating soothing soundscapes with intent to have an exquisite impact on the listener. This swarm of 10 compositions proves that the artist slightly deviates due to a more emotive approach because he is interested in conjuring up more restrained, more interrupted compositions where the tranquil and flickering progressions on guitars used to slowly move over gentle pads of a synthesiser. You can perceive a gentle New age-ish touch within his sound which slowly swells and then contracts and in the meantime ginning up eloquent orchestrated beauty while preserving a compelling static touch within it. At times his soundscapes are based on more bold bass frequencies and vague piano chords which nevertheless used to sustain and then almost unnoticeably spread far away. Cousin Silas does not pile on excessively he adeptly develops all these layers into an impressive whole. Fairly magnificent stuff. By kindred souls the issue could be compared with the likes of Brother Saturn, Eluvium, Bosques de mi Mente, Max Richter.
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