Monday, December 28, 2015

Jan Grünfeld - Music For Plants (2015)

  • Experimental rock
  • Post-folk
  • Indie folk
  • Musique concrète
  • Kosmische Musik
  • Post-rock
  • Modern classical
  • Folk indie
  • Electronic music
  • Art folk

Comment: Jan Grünfeld likes to basking by just playing guitar and using a few elements to accentuate the instrument`s chords. Mostly those few elements are just algorithms to be implemented for more and less tight air surrounding his guitar endeavours. More profoundly, there are up a loads of echoes and reverbs in the middle and on the fringe throughout seven compositions of improvised guitar playing, however, additionally adorned with hisses from concrete music (the birds are singing and people are chatting) and the tolling of faint glockenspiel here and there. The only exception is The Nightshade where the composer takes on electronic devices to create more sequencer induced paces and synthesizer led Kosmische Musik impulses. The final track Feel Alife used to move on through slow motion lenses with the assistance of bold yet lonely piano chords and concrete music layers and an extended guitar riff thereby eventually resulting in the thoroughgoingly dream-soaked appearance. Fairly impressive. Indeed, the result is a bewildering piece of instrumental music where experimental approach in chords is finely balanced against beauty in touch. It is a joint release under la bèl, and Headphonica imprints. 
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