Monday, October 19, 2015

Mart Avi – Humanista (2015)

/Art pop, Alternative pop, Post-pop, Singer-songwriter, Ambient pop, Baroque pop, Leftfield pop, Chamber pop, Electronic pop, Avant-pop/

Comment: by listening to the Estonian musician Mart Avi`s brand new one Humanista I cannot decide whether it is manifestation of love against the human being or it is misanthropic suite on the contrary. Indeed, as human beings we are gifted with free will yet we are built up to have responsibility and duties toward Creator, other people, other species and environment. When we have obligation to fight against some of us? Are we enough powerful ones? When we are powerful and smart enough ones to flight to Mars? Does it have a special purpose or is it just a mere ego trip? When we are wise enough to reach capacity to fight against the most resilient and overwhelming diseases like glioblastoma multiforme and myeloma (still incurable diseases despite many past decades)? However, Humanista reflects upon the tension between fragility and brutality, tenderness and arrogance, inferiority and readiness to find out wondrous entities, between brainless hedonism and relaxing calmness. Musically it is harmless to give it the focus. Moreover, because of that it is the musicians` duty to exert it. In general, Avi`s music is solid and beautiful imbued with picturesque curves and bends, however, which frequently used to climax into weird sonic vamps and inconvenient emotions. In a word, the whole does embrace poignant, even sinister snarls which aesthetically share a quite similar path with such musicians as Scott Walker, David Sylvian, Billy Mackenzie. One might find out one of the most arousing songs composed in 2015 (Newman; V&B; Sanctuary Trek). It could be said it is entertaining and cautionary, it is exertion to stay within the pale and go out of orbit, to set out the balance between them. It is one of the most outstanding releases in 2015 so far.
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