Monday, October 5, 2015

German Error Message - To Carry Alongside (2011)

/Indie folk, Anti-folk, DIY, Dream folk, Folk indie, Alt-folk, Drone folk, Singer-songwriter, Americana/

Comment: I can`t remember exactly for when I first met Paul Kintzing`s curated project. It might be I had first become acquainted with it through CLLCT, the glorious site for gathering up do-it-yourself/bedroom musicians across the USA and partly from worldwide either. Unfortunately this site has been down for a while. But I still hope it will be revived sometime. Indeed, the artist`s first issues had been issued in the ending part of the 00s, at the time CLLCT was blossoming and expanding. By listening to his sophomore release To Carry Alongside being relied on Bandcamp it can be said it is a solid issue because of involving intriguing yet highly sustainable compositions. The topic is about something of modern folk expansions where guitars and vocals are accentuated with different instruments, including keyboards and electronics. Kintzing is assisted by   Shelly Lites, and Joan Perez (singing), and Matthew Sigur (bass drums and singing) with regard to some pieces. The mood is restrained yet somehow festive (due to using semi-orchestrated strings, concrete sounds and expanding, subtle drones in the background). The issue includes a shitloads of great tracks from within the 12-track whole (at a length of 28 minutes only – this kind of shortness was quite symptomatic to many albums under CLLCT because embracing mostly singer-songwriter stuff/folk-based sound). Let`s get caught up in it.  
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