Sunday, September 20, 2015

Toothless - EICV7" No. 108 (2015)

/Experimental pop, Indietronica, Leftfield pop, Post-pop, Art pop, Post-rock/

Comment: this 3-track issue consists of dreamy female vocal deliveries, crunchy glitched-out bugs in the middle of mid-range rhythms, and pitched-up and down sonic segments, and psychedelically swirling sonic effects and slightly mystical synth meandering over the scope, however, constituting the organic whole altogether. First of all, if to compare Toothless with someone then the project`s music used to have some similarities with such sophisticated, avant-pop artists as Stereolab, Flunk, Pram, and Broadcast (especially its aesthetic reminds of the last named project). Hopefully such sort of music will be awarded in the mainstream charts sometime in the future. On the other side, maybe it is paradox that something which could be tagged as “ideal pop” will never reach this honour because it used to be ahead of its time and current people`s tastes. Let`s see – until then you can enjoy this bunch of excellent compositions.
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