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Besoin Dead - Pair, tu n'es pas Impair (2015)

/Experimental rock, Indie rock, Psych-rock, No Wave, Alternative rock, Art punk, Avant-punk/

Comment: I think anyone who considers himself/herself a music friend should listen to the oeuvre of Besoin Dead. Certainly he/she should see him in live. Although I have never attended the Frenchman Pascal Benvenuti`s gigs I guess it is something of a madman`s show by making decision after having watched some videos and pictures to his performances. Benvenuti ordinarily sits in front of the drums and a guitar which is differently prepared as it usually used to be and ready to be handled like a percussive instrument. It is amazing how the aforementioned set is enough to produce sustained, articulated noises in the vein of artsy punk/indie rock. Although Benvenuti`s approach with regard to his outer and inner side might remind of Sonic Youth and some other No Wave related combos the artist`s touch is idiosyncratic in the right manner to watch them apart from each other. Furthermore, Besoin Dead`s sound is deeply permeated with anxiety and aggressiveness to depict his loneliness and despairing senses (the best example is Papa Bunker). There are up some sonic exceptions either – for instance, Le répondeur du Blond which consists of the voice of a man sitting on the phone and short-running signals coming in every five seconds thereby being the strange counterpoint to it. Pascal Depression rings like the light-weighted sort of doom rock. Many tracks start off like a sort of contemporary tribal music with bare rhythmic imitations saturated with echoes and reverberations. Get stoned!