Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Life Like Thunderstorms – Awkward Balance (2015)

/Avant-garde, Leftfield pop, Experimentalism, Art pop, Crossover, Spoken word, Post-metal/

Comment: as the title might suggest there is obviously no balance between aesthetical levels and moods. Indeed, by listening to this 7-bar issue it is a rapidly changing conception with regard to styles, moods and anything else you will come face to face with. More genuinely, it is a drift between silence and noise, between rising and descending, between restlessness and serenity. Musically, it is mottled like a beautiful cat in his/her colours. More profoundly, the listener is pulled into angular yet wondrous (modern) classical music-alike compositions which might remind of the works by Dave Keifer aka Cagey House at times, for instance. Similarly to Dave Keifer, Jared C. Balogh is one of the most prolific and proficient artists within the webaudio/free music culture compartment. There are represented something of stretched art pop snippets which are mixed up with more heavy-weight, angst loaded metallic lashes, storytelling and subtle electronic whiffs flitting around in. Frequently it sounds as evil and revengeful as the Old Testament used to depict. Throughout the course, it is the pre-dominant shift of constituting the whole. One is sure – it is some sort of anti-pop music and you would not be very welcomed to enter into it while being a superficial, brainwashed jerk. The issue includes a possibly leftfield pop hit, called Blazing Paths. In a nutshell, it is both beatific and frightening world Jared C. Balogh creates through this album, his previous issues and collaborations and his curated site Altered State Of Mine.
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