Saturday, September 5, 2015

Deek Hoi – The Golden Country (2007)

/Alt-folk, Indie folk, Americana, Dream folk, Psych-folk, New Weird America, Folk indie, Free folk/
Comment: I discovered this Knoxville, Tennessee, US-based combo thanks to mesmerizing 1st Borrowdeer Records compilation of involving such artists as Wooden Nickle, Samo, Forsa, Burnt Shielafante, Queens College Organs, Diacon-Panthers, Workhouse Industries, Khemo Rabbit, Leopard Meat, Fresh Cherries from Yakima, Cemetery Cemetery, Fast Money Music, Ginger Minx, Wrapping Paper, Happy Veterans Day, Chauchat, Animauled, Courtney Short, Accordion+Tetris. The miscellany embraces  a bunch of tendencies related to the New Weird America movement. Indeed, there was also represented Deek Hoi`s California which is the opening track on The Golden Country. It is pre-eminent Americana/indie folk album with hints at cosmic and dream pop. Indeed, the combo used to experiment with different forms, droning sounds and some electronic debris while upholding the album`s organic touch throughout the course. Indeed, all these songs are craftily built up resulting in striking melodies and harmonies. The lyrics are profound putting the listener think of essential things in his/her life (for instance, Dear Child; Eiea; Family Song). For instance, the latter composition makes you longing and searching for warmth and a halcyon state of mind. I suggest to shed light upon the other issues of the combo either (all the package can be found at Bandcamp). They are truly worth to be discovered again.
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