Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Wilco – Star Wars (2015)

/Blues rock, Indie rock, Rockabilly, Alt-folk, Alternative rock, Americana, Alt-country/

Comment: It is not the first entry by the Chicagoan juggernaut Wilco into the free music/netaudio world. Their most critically acclaimed album Yankee Hotel Foxtrot (2002, Nonesuch) got the name and some samples from Irdial`s The Conet Project: Recordings of Shortwave Numbers Stations which is uploaded for free download at Archive.org. Furthermore, the combo`s ex-member Jay Bennett (1963-2009) had issued his latest album Kicking at the Perfumed Air for free download either.

Star Wars is mostly a solid, tradition-drenched issue. It is an Americana, roots-driven sound though there are up some moments which used to reflect upon toward rockabilly and even Suicide-inspired nervous template (Pickled Ginger). The 11-track album starts off with EKG wherein angular, galvanized guitar shape apparently reminds of artists from the No Wave scene. The Joke Explained is a sonic bastard somewhere between Lou Reed, Johnny Cash, and The Fall (at Mark E Smith`s most rockabilly loaded self-indulgent moments). Stylistically the whole balances between country, blues, folk and energized guitar rock. The favourite track of mine is Magnetized which is a soulful Americana glance with the assistance of theremin-alike high-pitched keyboard chords. Very nice. 
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