Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Third Mind Movement - Ups and Downs (2015)

/Krautrock, Experimentalism, Electronic, Plunderphonics, Art rock, Avant-garde, Experimental rock, Improvised music, Free jazz, Psychedelic, Freeformfreakout, Avant-rock, Sampledelic, Dada music/

Comment: Ups and Downs is the follow-up to Cardboard Rebellion (2015) by the Russian combo Third Mind Movement regarding a similar ideological and aesthetical approach. The issue consists of 4 lengthy compositions which used to be highly fragmented by having dodges in different directions from free form based rock and free jazz and motorik krautrock propulsions to old sample based snippets and uncanny overdriven sonic templates and gravitation-free psychedelic madness. Ultimately it could be admitted the intention of the issue is to reshuffle the consciousness of the listener by sequencing and crossing logical and illogical elements with one another. By exploring the roster of Third Mind Movement you can discover some weird names within the 9-bar list. For instance, you can find such names as Arsenic Strychnine, Dima Noise, Nikita Overstillwater etc. Hopefully, these 40 minutes represented over there are not an effect of hangover after an intake of strychnine. It is a bewitching result by any means. The release is a part of the experimental/dada/avant-garde imprint suRRIsm-Phonoethics.
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