Monday, August 3, 2015

Irish – Destructions LP (2007)

Negative Artwork & Sounds 

/Experimental electronica, Lo-fi, Synth industrial, Breakcore, Drone, Avant-garde, DIY, Drum and bass, Leftfield, Psychedelic/

Comment: I wrote about Kengo Miyazaki aka Irish`s previous issue, called Manufactures (2006, MinusN) for almost four months ago. Similarly to Manufactures Miyazaki continues to explore electronic borders and churn electronic dark matter by positing electronic rhythms next to synthesiser induced whiffs, though, both of these compartments are being warped in a way to create psychedelic sensations and kind of whirling feel. All of that is subject to many stylistic turns and phase and pitch shifts. I cannot understand is he doing it tongue-in-cheek or having serious attitude. Throughout the course inferior lo-fi sounds are running alongside with “serious” industrial drones and even epic progressions (the last one third is truly bewitching of the ending track Welcome Home (Hulot)). For instance, listen to Broken Smile and just trying to understand it – is it jungle/drum and bass music or not at all? If it is the fact then in which way it used to relate to other drum and bass/jungle artists? Miyazaki as a sonic hooligan used to destroy gravitational mass around the listener to free him/her to get ascended and veered away. However, the geniuses are not objects to be judged. Holy shit as you have already understood.
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