Friday, August 21, 2015

Faerùn – The Night (2014)

/Indietronica, Space rock, Experimental electronica, Hauntology, Crossover, Avant-pop, Dark ambient, Dark wave, Sampledelic, Experimental pop, Musique concrète, Spoken word, Leftfield, Art pop/

Comment: it is great honour to arrive at the album list of Test Tube. Indeed, there is no reason to feel yourself disappointed at all by listening to Barcelona, Catalonia residing Marius Miron aka Faerùn`s bunch of handful of pieces. The issue starts off with Dusk, the poem of Robin Rimbaud where a presumably experimental sound package is masterfully subordinated to an independent music algorithm. The track chimes like a less pop appeal drenched version of the Cranberries now and then in the second part. The same could be said about the finishing track Ndasi where slightly undulating synth-induced drones are accompanied by a dynamic rhythm and mind affecting vocal samples. Emotionally the most crushing and orgasmic piece is Hanako which involves the raping sounds, sighs of a man and weeping of a woman hinting at the crimes of Japanese soldiers during the WW II. Room 3327 is a haunting hybrid of space rock and minimally pulsating electronica adorned with radio waves and spoken word snippets dedicated to Nikola Tesla, the true genius within the physics field. If you are searching for some analogue examples within the experimental pop scene then the oeuvre of Broadcast might resemble of that span of 28 minutes. In a word, it is obviously one of the best (leftfield) pop albums issued in 2014.                    

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