Friday, August 21, 2015

Donquièstar – Cellphone Somewhere (2014)

/Electronic music, Minimal synth, Alternative dance, EBM, Industrial, Synthwave, Dark pop, Coldwave/

Comment: Donuiéstar is an artist from Brussels, Belgium whose 3-bar issue is hinged on his compatriots` glorious coldwave, EBM and minimal synth tradition harking back to the end of the 70s/beginning of the 80s, though the musician presents it in a more contemporary and diversified form. It is filled with brisk yet chill synth hooks being in turn boosted up with murky industrial music and hollow dark wave/goth fuelled reverberations thereby giving possibility for more detailed elements and minutiae to be surfaced. For instance, the opener Dark Wonder is about to bristle with a ring reminiscent of mechanical sound of the movie camera. It could say these solid compositions are composed to arouse your sensations in your soul and set up your body to take on nervous dance-alike movements. Of course, the listener should take care of to discern subtle relation between the main lines and their subsidiary ones. Additionally, let`s discover the music on the Teque-Nique imprint. 
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