Friday, May 8, 2015

Popidiot – Talk To Me (2014)

/Indie pop, Alternative pop, New Wave, Electro-indie, Synth rock/

Comment: Popidiot is an Estonian-Finnish project consisting of Hendrik Luuk, Matti Peura, and Rein Fuks who started off their way at the beginning of 00s and have issued a couple of albums so far. This is their two-folded single with catchy guitar hooks, bouncy rhythms and freely movable synthesised squelches here and there. The outing was released on Seksound (by the way, Rein Fuks is the chairman of the record label), a leading Estonian indie label being the domicile for many contemporary and early Estonian indie artists (for instance, Seksound issued recently Bizarre`s Café De Flor (initially released in 1996 on the Forwards Records from Tartu, Estonia) on vinyl which can be considered one of the most eminent indie albums from Estonia – a spellbinding blend of dream pop and electronic rhythms).
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