Friday, May 8, 2015

Mogwai – Showbox at the Market 2011-05-07 (2011)

/Post-rock, Doom rock, Art rock, Epic, Noise rock, Post-metal, Drone rock/

Comment: for me Mogwai`s best album by far is Come On To Die Young (1999) though the first and third and fourth release are fine ones either. Later on, I have avoided to hear their albums because of being a little disappointed by lacking new ideas and catchy elements within the Scottish band`s core. I also guess the live performances used to sound better than their later releases. At least this 16-track issue did it in Seattle exactly four years ago. The gig was properly laid down because of being varicoloured and filled with different sounds and magic noises. Their well-known epic and bold progressions on guitars and thumping drums are interspersed with brainsick noises and empowered drones from feedback and keyboards to impend doomed days for human kind. Of course, there are some exceptions as well – for instance, Mexican Grand Prix which rocks socks off like an early Stereolab of conflating the psychedelic elements of krautrock and Farfisa driven acid/drone rock impulses. There are also some woodwind based catchy melody progressions glimpses. Gorgeous show indeed.   
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