Thursday, May 21, 2015

Myll - Bland Siffror Och Troll I En Bil Utan Blinkers (2010)

/Alternative pop, Indie pop, Baroque pop, Indietronica, DIY/

Comment: although this 10-piece album is produced in a simple way (if to perceive it at the first glimpse) the result is catchy and mind-blowing. Mostly acoustic guitar chords (or piano and electric guitar-led nexus otherwise) are accentuated with subtle electronic developments and enchanting woodwind whiffs. At times Myll reveals his capacity to bring forth thoroughly infectious harmonies and magic keys as if coming out from the barrel organ. At times the tracks chime like lullaby ditties replete with otherworldly magic and warm touch. The final track involves a very well-known theme interwoven into the guitar and electronic mixed background. By kindred souls it can be compared with paavoharju, Beirut and his label mates from No Source. Myll is the solo project by the Swedish musician Edvin Lindström.       
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