Thursday, May 21, 2015

Nanaki – The Dying Night (2014)

/Post-rock, Post-metal, Epic, Experimental rock, Art rock/

Comment: Nanaki is recently minimized into the solo project of Mikie Daugherty, being known as the guitarist of Postcode from Great Britain creating post-punk and shoegaze influenced alternative rock. Nanaki is obviously dissimilar case because these 12 compositions represented over there reveal Daugherty`s spot on epic and majestic post-rock progressions – interactions between bold guitar layers and doleful pianos, symphonized synths and some programmed rhythms and intoxicating digitized noises here and there. For instance, listen to such a track as There's No Such Thing As Good which is…(very) good on its own involving a mesmerizing synth glide over epic yet slightly glowering guitar timbres. Frequently these layers change mood to evolve into more overwhelming post-metal hits. Of course, it is essential to find out those odds and ends in his music which make sense in addition to the aforementioned elements. Ultimately it can be said it is a decorous and satisfactory issue.   
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