Sunday, April 26, 2015

Inverness – Ivana (2012)

/Shoegaze, Alternative rock, Indie pop, Dream pop, Psychedelic rock/

Comment: Inverness is a Brazilian quartet whose album Somewhere I Can Hear My Heart Beating (2010, Jamendo) was an outstanding issue which can freely be considered a hallmark in the indie/dream pop/shoegaze/psychedelic pop scene. Although Ivana is slightly diluted with regard to the aforementioned album the result seems to be still great. The outing is designed in a more straightforward way though adding new elements to the mix. More concretely, those poignant guitar strums, Lucas de Almeida`s longing vocal threads and catchy orchestrations are adorned with some doo wop attitude affording the whole more light-hearted breezes to be blown over the top. At times the Inverness`s sound chimes like a mix of Sufjan Stevens, Stereolab, and Free Design (however, their work is not epiphenomenal by no means – it is just a bare comparative case to hint at similar aesthetics). Recommended.    
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