Saturday, March 21, 2015

ZGERSS - In the Labratory of a Nationally Known Scientist (2009)

/Electronic pop, Chill out, Lo-fi, Neo-soul, Mood music, Digital funk, Bedroom pop, Alternative, DIY, Improvised music/

Comment: Zachary "Zgress" Gresser is a musician from Arlington, USA who had been a part of Rack And Ruin Records, a DIY/bedroom pop music record label from the Netherlands.  The label`s discography embraced such artists as Gnomefoam, Megazord, starstarstar, Chad Golda, Tyson Brinacombe, Dublin Duck Dispensary, Teacups, Witchporn, Vlantis Urotanki, Moon Runners, Hungry Owl…and many other ones. ZGRESS` 9-track issue is a loose blend of chill out/moody pop, autotuned soul hovers, some digital funk chips and some gently improvised music progressions which frequently will conjure nostalgic sensations and intentions to look back toward the past. On the other side, there are some exceptions either – for instance, the ending track Return Home which is an instrumental indie progression with slight hints at funk music. The introduction of Soft Songs is a beatific glimpse through the exploitation of ambient music templates. Ad Hoc is an instrumental piano driven interlude. By the way, I like the ironical title of the album and poignant coverprint. In a word, discover the album and the rest of Rack And Ruin`s discography which was a corroborant dodge within the DIY/lo-fi inclined underground music movement at the end of 00s and in the beginning of 10s. 
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