Saturday, March 21, 2015

.Khi -I Had A Dream (2007)

/Electro pop, Breakcore, Leftfield, Noise, Alternative, Minimal electro, Experimental electro/

Comment: there are up six tracks extending over 22 minutes. .Khi is the project by Hugo Murutar, an Estonian producer whose dream is quite multi-faceted. It is mainly electro-based although heavily infiltrated with noisy undercurrents and disparate sonic debris, occult chants, and tweaked sonic manipulations. Thanks to multiple and unexpected changes (i.e collage-like nature) the whole seems to have saturated a feral feeling which is fairly positive and giving it a particular feeling. At times those electro propulsions are highly catchy (Let`s Jam!), at times remarkably minimal, haunting and stalking. Eventually it can be said the result is mind-provoking and cool.            
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